We simplify the process of getting access to the relevant experts and services that match your needs. Our two service areas can be up- or downscaled every month – whether you require strong fact- and experience based counseling from senior advisors or efficient operational capacity to support your digital marketing operations.

Digital marketing and SEO


Whether you aspire to gain knowledge among new customer groups or focus on increasing sales to those who already know your business well, then implanting different types of digital advertising will play a crucial role in doing so. Each advertising platform and channel has its own strengths and limitations in the various stages of a customer journey. To ensure maximum effect, we utilize a digital media mix tailored to suit your specific needs and audience.

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is about buying ads on relevant sites that make your business stand out to your audience, at the right time with the right messaging in the right formats – without paying more than you should by extensive use of technology that makes the whole process more automated and accurate. We have been working with programmatic advertising ever since the technology first became available in the Nordic countries. This is how we know exactly how to maximize the results of your media investment, whether you want to buy advertisement as display, video or native.

Do we act as a digital media agency? Definitely! We can be your transparent and independent trading desk, if you like. We are a highly relevant at option for advertisers who don’t necessarily need a large agency network and everything that comes with it, like extensive, complex agreements. At Amidays, you will have access to whatever expertise, technology or media inventory you need. All this provided in lucid ways so that you as our client always know what you are paying for. We have no hidden fees or mark-ups. We are committed to fully disclose to you where your ads appear, how they are performing and what you actually pay for.

Advertising in social media

There are very few brands, if any, in a position to reach out to new people without having to pay for visibility to some extent. Most social media platforms are designed to make money, thus, they constantly facilitate for companies that are willing to invest marketing funds in their particular platform, whether it is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Snapchat.

By advertising efficiently on social media, you can ensure the necessary visibility and distribution of your content to a larger number of people in your target groups. By improving your business’ engagement, you are more likely to strengthen your brand and attract more customers.

We are here to help you get started with your advertising. If you wish, we are happy to take care of the running responsibilities in relation to purchase and optimization. It is up to you. Either way, we will find a solution that suits your needs.

SEM – Search engine advertising

In the fight over search engine results dominance, competition is getting tougher as today’s customers now find information simply by using a keyword search. That is why search engine advertising or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is crucial, both for the visibility of your business and for successful direct sales. Buying relevant advertising using Google Ads or Bing, where media investments and results are continuously optimized, allows your business to obtain new market shares. We provide continuous search engine advertising for your business, ensuring that your products and services appear when needed. Search engine advertising can and should be viewed in conjunction with organic search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO – Search engine optimization

If your website ranks high in the organic search engine results, you are more likely to get more visits, which in turn generates more customers. Making it easy for your target groups to find you when searching for information online is usually very profitable. Appearing and being visible in search engine results will boost trust and credibility because visibility of this kind cannot be purchased alone through ads. At Amidays, we have an effective, methodical approach to the use of SEO. We tend to begin with a situation analysis which provides vital information such as what your target audiences actually look for when they search the web, what visibility you have in comparison to your competitors, and what you can achieve by implementing other methods in order to rank higher in search engine results. SEO and SEM together are a powerful combination.



We have many years’ worth of experience from marketing and technology management and strategic consulting. We have assisted a number of the market’s most forward-thinking companies and leading brands. As a result, we know a great deal about the unique challenges and opportunities in various industries. This is closely combined with what we know best; Bridging marketing, technology and data usage to create growth.

Marketing and business advisory

With extensive experience from Norwegian and international clients, we can assist as a “trusted advisor”, contracted marketing manager or strategic partner in individual projects as required. We can advise, but also relieve burdens that exist within your company . On a day-to-day basis, we can ensure that all or parts of the ongoing marketing machinery is managed and runs smoothly. In hectic periods, we see that the role of the marketing manager’s right-hand man can help to “simplify marketing” in practice.

If you are considering changing the organization of the ongoing marketing work in your business, we can assist you in establishing a flexible marketing hub consisting of our own employees, permanent partners and skilled freelancers.

Digital analysis & data

Collecting, analyzing and ensuring the application of data in practice is one of the most important things we assist our clients with. This is often the prerequisite for being able to take advantage of the opportunity within various forms of digital marketing. Our aim at Amidays has always been to have data which is “actionable” in order to be able to represent value, both for us as advisers and you as the client. Our most important contribution is to extract the essence of the most relevant data from your channels and various sources, analyze the data and present clear and insight-based recommendations based on this insight. This allows for both marketing departments and management groups receive a fact-based and reliable decision-making basis to support important path choices and priorities.

To help make various forms of data more accessible, we set up automated dashboard solutions, where all information from various sources is updated in real time. Our experience is that this contributes to increased knowledge, curiosity and appetite for the application of data in practice internally at the businesses we assist. We are also continuously involved in planning and practical handling to ensure that the privacy of your end customers is safeguarded in a safe and legal manner.

Marketing Consulting

Sufficient capacity to develop marketing strategies, plans and budgets, as well as ongoing coordination and management of marketing operations, is often what draws the line between success and failure. Such work requires time. Time that isn’t always available, especially for exec´s with additional management responsibilities or functions or roles within their organization. Our extensive experience with both Norwegian and international clients enables us to assist as a trusted advisor, hired marketing manager or project-based sparring partner. We can advise, but also relieve. On a daily basis, we can work to ensure that all or parts of the ongoing marketing runs smoothly. During hectic periods, us being the marketing manager’s sidekick often helps simplify marketing in practice.

If you consider making changes to how your business organizes its marketing, we can help you establish your own, flexible marketing hub consisting of your own staff, dedicated freelancers and dedicated partners. A more flexible setup of complementary resources at your disposal can help reduce costs and avoid gaps in skills or capacity at times where there is such lack.

Media consulting

We have a fact-based approach to how different channels, with their unique strengths and characteristics, should best complement and support each other in line with the business, sales and marketing goals we must contribute to achieving at all times. Our goal is always to find the objectively best media mix so that you utilize your marketing assets as efficiently as possible.

Growth Mapping and maturity analyses

As a growth partner, we carry out feasibility studies and audits for our clients, often at the intersection between sales, marketing and business development. Using technology, data and analysis, we deliver gap analyzes that reveal where you have the greatest potential for further growth and how the gaps that prevent growth can be closed. We also analyze the digital maturity level within marketing, advertising technology and data use in businesses, as well as where the potential for a stronger link between business goals, earnings and digital marketing.

Most companies have clear objectives linked to growth, turnover and results. However, we often find that there is a lack of a correspondingly clear picture of how the various digital channels will contribute to achieving the goals that have been set. Here we help define clear objectives and KPIs at channel level, which can in turn be visualized in a marketing dashboard tailored to the information needs of various stakeholders in your business.

MarTech- Marketing Technology

The correct use of sophisticated marketing and advertising technology is often demanding, however, many small and large advertisers can find themselves benefiting from taking more control over the essential parts of their digital advertising. If you want to discover what your business can and should handle internally versus what you would benefit most from leaving to an external agency, we can assist with knowledge, experience, facts and advice. This provides you as a client with the best conditions for making decisive and correct decisions which are adapted to your marketing department and your needs. We offer ongoing workshops or project-based assistance that helps you exploit the opportunities that marketing technology provides. We can assist whether you are an advertiser who wants to achieve better results from your own marketing, or whether you are a publicist who wants to increase income from traffic on your website.

Are you already buying programmatic advertising from another agency, but are unsure of what you are getting, where your ads will appear, and what you are actually paying for? Then we help you to understand more of what is happening, so that you can become an even better and clearer buyer.