Our way of working

Use of advanced marketing technology should not make everyday life more complicated. Quite the contrary. Thus, our approach is simple and methodical. We aim to enable your business to explore new avenues for increased growth with the lowest possible risk.

The development at the intersection of technology, marketing and use of data is efficient and exciting. At the same time, the lives of executives responsible for marketing and sales are becoming increasingly complex. One of the most important things we do for our clients is to simplify the everyday use of precise, data-driven advertising. This is why we have chosen an accordingly simple way of working. 


Based on your business’ set goals for finance, sales and marketing, we discover where there is most potential for future growth and how to best exploit this potential by use of digital marketing. Based on our insight and understanding of your business and what you want to achieve, we make clear, efficient plans to ensure that we can quickly begin the process of achieving your goals. If you have completed parts of the planning internally before we step in, we will spend a correspondingly short amount of time in this phase.


We don’t like experimenting with your time and budgets. At the same time, failure to explore new marketing opportunities is a risky path in rapidly evolving markets. Based on fact-based working hypotheses, we begin targeted piloting of the measures and tools that we believe will have the most impact. This essentially means that we use a “test-learn-evaluate-improve”-model (also called agile marketing). Results and experiences from using this model will form the basis for future priorities.


Based on one or more parallel marketing pilots, we get a clear picture of what creates the most impact and best results. This is the best time to upscale the things that most effectively support your business objectives. Simultaneously, we downscale what turns out to be less profitable power than anticipated. The grounds for decision-making that is now in place makes it easier to determine what level of investment that are needed to achieve the best result with the lowest possible risk on a long-term basis.