Since day one, Amidays has been committed to building a great workplace with exciting prospects. A place where each and every one of us can make full use of our capabilities and individual strengths. We believe that is vital for our future development, general happiness and business growth.

Why work at Amidays?

We believe in a collaborative workplace, where each employee is able to fully utilize their strengths and skills, for the benefit of themselves, their colleagues and our clients. At Amidays we are committed to giving each other a large share of responsibility and trust, with the expectation that this will be managed responsibly and morally by the employee. As a strong independent alternative to larger and more hierarchical organizations, we can in most cases create new opportunities and exciting new professional challenges faster, than what´s is possible elsewhere.

We are genuinely interested and open to meet new people and possible future colleagues. Want to know if we could be a good match? Here is a list of things that we believe in and that characterize us, making it easier for you to consider us as your new workplace.

    • We believe that “Good work is most often rewarded by more work”. If we work hard and efficiently and do our best, there will be more to do, and new exciting tasks will pop up.
    • We believe in giving each other space and confidence to accelerate in the direction and at the pace that fits the individual, provided it lets the company run smoothly as a whole.
    • We believe in a diverse environment. If we become too similar, fail to think outside the box or do not dare to challenge each other in a constructive way, then we will miss out on a lot. 
    • We believe in inclusion. Solving tasks as part of a team is more efficient, it can be educational and a lot of fun. At our company, no man is an island, all are parts of the whole.
    • We believe in learning and having fun together. At least 10% of our profits go to learning and social activities.
    • We believe in self-management. We are a fast-paced company. We work a lot. This requires everyone to take great responsibility for managing and carrying out their own tasks. Freedom, responsibility and more opportunities are given to the employee as a well-deserved consequence.
    • Lastly, we believe in an incredible pension scheme, despite the fact that it will take forever for us to stop working. It is costly but worth it – thus perfectly fine by us!

If this matches your interests and beliefs – whether you are a senior with a solid track record or a newly graduated digital marketer with a passion for success – we would love to hear from you. A quick coffee or informal meeting to get to know each other is never a bad idea. If you agree – let us know, and we can have a chat!


If you believe Amidays could be the place for you, we are always happy to have a chat. Even if there are no vacancies available, we encourage you to get in touch. Perhaps it would make sense to set up a brand-new position based on your knowledge and experience, not to mention ambitions for the future!

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