About us

Expertise within digital marketing, hands-on involvement and commitment to create growth in a friendly, honest and fully transparent way. That’s us. But everything we do is about you.

An independent alternative

Over the years, we have gained experience and knowledge from industry-leading workplaces and a numerous truly forward-leaning Norwegian and international clients. High ambitions on behalf our ourselves and those we work for as clients and partners in combination with being “value driven” out of the ordinary, is something that characterizes us as an agency. We work hard at all times to become a place where both customers and employees truly want to be. We are and will continue to be an exciting and highly relevant alternative in every way possible.

As an independent agency, we want to go the extra mile, work faster and find more pragmatic solutions to make your everyday life as our client easier. Our goal of simplifying the complex encompasses all aspects of our business. For you as a client, this includes everything from agreements that are flexible and easy to understand to full transparency on how the budget has been spent, down to the penny.

Well connected team players

We do not strive to be good at everything. We believe that the best results for our clients are created in collaboration with other highly talented and ambitious people who are experts in their fields – whether they are internal employees or among your existing partners and agencies. If you have any needs that Amidays is unable to fulfill, we are more than happy to refer you to other experts within our own extensive network, whether you need creativity, engaging content or savvy digital produces. We have many years of experience working closely with leading consultants and agencies in a variety of areas, which we are happy to team up with.

The story behind Amidays

Why the name Amidays? Ami means friend, and days means … well, days. Days with friends. In a world where use of new technology and data is increasingly important factors to succeed, successful partnerships are still very much reliant on people wanting to push boundaries together and at the same time wishing the very best for each other. We believe in something more than a mere transactional collaboration. Spending days with sincere and honest friends inspires the working environment we would like to create with our clients, partners and fellow colleagues. We believe that truly smart ways of doing digital marketing combined with a genuinely friendly and open way of collaborating makes life easier and more pleasant for you and for us.

Our team

Jakob Skåltveit

Jakob Skåltveit / CEO and co-founder

Jakob works as a strategic advisor within marketing, as a client director and as a sounding board for CxO´s. Prior to Amidays, he held the position as Director of Marketing Services at Making Waves and partner in The North Alliance. Jakob has also worked as Director of Marketing Communications at Gambit Hill + Knowlton Strategies and as CMO in Volvo. He has extensive experience across several marketing disciplines from close cooperation with a number of Norwegian and International agencies to ensure comprehensive and integrated marketing for many of the worlds largest advertisers and brands.

[email protected]
+47 905 65 902

Arvid Cedergren

Arvid Cedergren / COO and co-founder

Arvid has the over-all operational responsibility for our services and works as a strategy advisor specialized in advertising technology and data use, as well as digital business development. He has previously worked as the Head of Media and Distribution in Making Waves where he was responsible for the strategic and operational use of advertising technology. Prior to Making Waves, Arvid was Head of Programmatic at Schibsted Media Group, where he played an important part in the development of Schibsteds´ ad exchange in Norway and was responsible for programmatic advertising and data services for the group’s media houses such as Aftenposten and VG.

[email protected]
+47 917 17 947

Hanna Hedemark / Delivery Manager

With several years of experience as responsible for the ongoing handling of customers in close collaboration with strategy and specialist colleagues in one of Norway´s largest media agencies, Hanna will contribute to being a strong bridge builder between our clients, our various specialists and customer managers in Amidays.

[email protected]
+47 454 88 664

Trine Kvam Hviding

Trine Kvam Hviding / Client Director

Trine is responsible for ensuring high quality end results on behalf our teams, and contributes with her strategic experience as a former client director and advisor. She has extensive experience with strategic media planning, and has worked with all media channels for many of Norway’s largest advertisers. With this, she ensures that our consulting and advertising services create business growth for our clients. Trine has previous experience as Digital Client Director and part of the management team of RED Media. She has also previously been responsible for marketing and sales in the Lufthansa Group.

[email protected]
+47 468 29 656 

Kristoffer Moland Andreassen / Head of SEM / Senior advisor

Kristoffer is responsible for the total paid search delivery in Amidays and what strategic role paid search should play in the media mix. With over 7 years of experience within search and use of marketing  technology and data, Kristoffer will work both strategically and operationally with how to streamline and develop our clients.

[email protected]
+47 452 19 311

Erik Egeriis / SEO Specialist

Erik works with everything from keyword analysis to conducting technical SEO audits and implementations. With experience from website development, Erik helps our clients to optimize for organic growth from search engines. Erik has a bachelor’s degree in media studies from UiO and has experience from his own e-commerce company.

[email protected]
+49 414 26 079

Hashir Ahmed / Programmatic specialist

Hashir is a very skilled and experienced programmatic specialist with experience from both the publisher side and from one of the leading global trading desks. At Amidays Hashir works as a programmatic and Adtech specialist in addition to working with digital consulting.

[email protected]
+47 993 02 270

Vegard Moberg / Head of SEO

Vegard is responsible for the professional and comprehensive delivery of SEO services in Amidays. Previously, he was a senior SEO-specialist where he led the SEO delivery for some businesses in Norway such as Vitusapotek, Fretex og Lofavør. He has also worked as an SEO analyst in London, working with global businesses suck as John Lewis, Thomas Cook Airline, Club Med and Lucottica. Vegard also has experience as a digital marketing manager, where he was responsible for marketing and running e-health websites aimed at the Norwegian market.

[email protected]
+47 91821010

Elisabeth Gullikstad Albech

Elisabeth G. Albech / Head of Programmatic

Elisabeth uses her extensive experience from more than 12 years working with digital marketing and programmatic in particular at both publishers and agencies to oversee and run cross channel digital marketing for our clients. Elisabeths background spans from holding positions as Senior advisor and Programmatic practice lead in Keyteq, Programmatic solutions manager at Schibsted Media Group and various project manager, ad ops manager positions. Few people, if any, holds more Google certifications in the Nordics. 

[email protected]
+47 419 07 217

Jenny Duers / Senior performance advisor

Jenny is responsible for SEM audits and analysis, strategies and operational work, as well as continuously counseling clients on best practice use of SEM at all times. With experience from a number of positions at Google, Jenny is one of a kind in her field. Her line of work includes ensuring that KPI´s are in line with overall business and market objectives at all times. Jenny has previously worked as an advisor at Innovation Norway, Elkjøp and others, and has worked with Paid Search, Google display, shopping and video for almost 10 years.

[email protected]

Christina Veliz / Digital campaign manager

As Digital Campaign Manager, Christina takes care of our clients on-going programmatic and paid social-campaigns. Christina came to Amidays the position as Head of Marketing and Sales at Datalex Software AS. She has previous experience from the use of digital marketing related to sales and customer acquisition from industries such as consulting, legal, finance and engineering.

[email protected]
+47 452 65 913

Simen Lohre

Simen Wilsher Lohre / CFO

Simen is probably Norway’s youngest CFO. He is in control of Amiday’s finance and business management, as well as being involved in growth planning and business development. Simen has a Bachelors degree in economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. At Amidays, Simen is responsible for the financial management, budgeting, accounting and collaboration with the accountant, our customers and suppliers related to finance.

[email protected]
+47 900 80 456

Johan Sæter / Digital advisor / SEM specialist

At Amidays, Johan works as a paid search specialist (SEM), as advisor in paid social, and with projects tied to digital growth strategies. Johan has experience from Precis Digital in Copenhagen and Oslo as Paid Search Lead, working with brands like HBO, Loreal, AutoStore and Voice. With a Masters of Science in Brand & Communication from Copenhagen Business School, Johan always got his focus on the business aspect of digital marketing.

[email protected]
+47 988 95 049

Madelene Orderud / Digital Analytics specialist

Madelene is a specialist in measuring and analysing traffic- and marketing-data with experience from Norsk Tipping and Precis Digital. With responsibility for setup and implementation of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, in addition to working with data warehouse-solutions and data visualization, Madelene is our “source of truth” when it comes to web analysis and marketing analytics. Madelene has a masters degree in Business Analytics and Management Sciences from University of Southampton.

[email protected]
+47 958 89 514

Rebecca Økland

Rebecca Økland  / Digitial Campaign Manager

Rebecca is an Intern at Amidays and will during her internship work with and learn different digital marketing channels and practices. She holds a Bachelor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and is currently in her final year of Bachelor of International Marketing. Rebecca is responsible for contributing with the marketing of Amidays and writing a practice report that addresses the company’s opportunities in internationalization.

[email protected]
+47 901 11 063

Aussie / Office dog

Aussie is our office dog and has been a part of Amidays since he was a puppy. His primary role is to create a good and friendly atmosphere for both fellow employees and clients, as well as putting an end to meetings that are taking too long.

Amidays Advisory Board

In order to obtain and secure valuable input, perspectives and advice from external experts that both know us as an agency and the markets we operate in, we have established a permanent Advisory Board. The board members we report to consist of the following persons. 

Geir Jangås

Geir Jangås / Head of Digital and Analytics, Telia

Being an international executive with industry experience from Digital and traditional Media, Online Classified, Analytics and Consulting, Geir helps us to identify and address important trends and opportunities in the intersection of technology and data.

Anna Pradzynska

Anna Pradzynska / VP Marketing and Brand, Canal Digital

With significant experience from leading positions within marketing in Lego and Stokke, Anna helps us to see ourselves and our services from a client perspective. Her strategic brand experience is of significant value, both when it comes to how we do marketing for Amidays and for our clients.

Egil Tenold

Egil Tenold / Chief Consultant, Evry

As an executive with decades of experience from consulting with in-dept knowhow on IT, finance and retail, Egil is a trusted advisor on our consulting services, as well as advising us on future growth planning and scaling of our business.

Trond Lohre

Trond Lohre / Chairman at Amidays

In addition to being Chairman of Amidays with everything that comes with along with this responsibility, Trond also contributes with his experience from building, growing, leading and selling companies. Furthermore, Trond oversees that we meet all necessary legal requirements as company.